The Papa’s Pilar Dangerous Summer

By Big Kahuna Brew

I knew for the last cocktail in the Papa’s Pilar series I wanted to do a beer and rum cocktail. So I called up our great friend Charles over at Big Kahuna Brew. Charles is a rummy salty soul like the rest of us but is also extremely knowledgable on beer and brewing so who better to reach out to?

Much in the Big Kahuna style Charles dug into his salty soul and brought us a cocktail that is an alteration to the Jungle Bird from the Kuala Lumpur Hilton in Kuala, Malaysia. The original cocktail is very bitter thanks to Campari so here Charles has replaced it with a nice citricy IPA, and of course the Black Strap Rum with Papa’s Pilar Dark!

So introducing The Dangerous Summer Cocktail! The book that this drink was named for was considered Hemingway’s last book and so it’s only fitting as this is the last in our Papa’s Pilar Happy Hour Takeover series. It taste as good as the book was to read and is as dangerous as the bulls from within it’s pages. Fruity without being too sweet and with a nice punch!


.5 oz lime juice (or half a fresh squeezed lime)

.5 oz simple syrup

2 oz IPA (Charles used Dry Docks IPA but since I couldn’t find it I used Founder’s Centennial. The main thing is it absolutley has to be a citricy IPA or this cocktail will taste very odd)

1.5 oz pineapple

1.5 oz Pilar Dark.

Since it’s so thick, whenever I use simple syrup I like to  shake the cocktail to ensure good mixing, but with a carbonated beverage like beer that isn’t good to do in my book.  So I filled my glass with ice and added the beer.  The rest of the ingredients were placed in a shaker and vigorously shaken.  Then just strain into your glass and give it a decent stir to incorporate the beer.

Charles the "Big Kahuna"

Charles the “Big Kahuna”

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