The Papa’s Pilar “Honey Bee” Cocktail

A Sweet Nectar Creation

In the heart of Ft. Lauderdale Florida you will find Las Olas Blvd. This eclectic little street, bisected by the river, is lined with some great places to shop, site see, eat and have a cool cocktail on those hot South Florida Days.  This town center piece has it’s mainstays but also it’s share of places that come and go, sometimes with little notice from the community.  Lucky enough for me I live just 1 block from Las Olas and on a recent walk I came across the Sweet Nectar Charcoal Grill.  Dealing mainly in tapas this sophisticated new offering is serving up some delicious plates which are complimented by a great craft bear selection and a broad selection of hand crafted cocktails.

Sitting at the outside bar I glanced at the rum selection and there I noticed a bottle of the Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum! As Pilar is quickly becoming one of my new favorite rums it being at Sweet Nectar made me love this awesome little joint that much more.  Then to top it off I noticed on the menu that they offered a custom Pilar Cocktail! Created by the owner of Sweet Nectar this creative little concoction is nothing short of amazing. So without further adieu I give you “The Honey Bee”.

Note: I have the ingredients but somehow didn’t get the exact portions on this one, but hear is how I think they went.


 How to make it:

In a glass, at Sweet Nectar they used a mason jar, fill with ice. In a shaker add the ingredients and a few cubes of ice, shake well then strain into your glass.  Garnish with a lime wedge. And as always….ENJOY!!!

Be sure to follow Sweet Nectar on Facebook at And on your next trip to Ft. Lauderdale this is one place you’ll want to stop in at.  Maybe I’ll even meet you there for a few Honey Bee Cocktails!


Create a custom cocktail using Papa’s Pilar, take a picture, give it a name, and post it as a comment under this post on the Papa’s Pilar Facebook Page with the Hastag #PapaWouldBeProud. Winner will get a Papa’s Pilar Hat, A Money Clip that has fold out knife blades, and Papa’s Pilar luggage tags!



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