The Rum Council Launches

Spirits Professionals Launch Rum Council

Rum Council 232Five well known spirits professionals have come together to form the International Rum Council (IRC).  Their mission is simple: Promote, advocate and champion the diverse and wonderful world of rum by engaging consumers through events, seminars and focus groups and by producing and distributing one-of-a-kind material on the topic.

The Rum Council founding members are Dave Russell (, Bob Davies (, Mike Streeter (, Bahama Street Promotions), Nick Feris ( and Carlton Grooms ( , Coastlines & Tan Lines).

Rum Council members have traveled the world touring rum distilleries, judging cane spirits tasting competitions, hosting rum-themed cruises and speaking at seminars.  Most of all, they are known for their published material and have collectively built one of the largest and most loyal online networks of rum aficionados and fine spirits enthusiasts on the planet.

Their first adventure as the Rum Council is underway from 25-29 March in Martinique where they are touring the island’s famous distilleries as guests of the Martinique Promotion Bureau.  In the coming months, the group will travel throughout the Caribbean, US and Europe researching and promoting rum.

Be sure to stay abreast of the Rum Council’s work on their website ( and on Facebook and Twitter.

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