The Hunt Curacao

A new adventure to vacationing in beautiful Curacao

This weeks post was written by the people at Hunt Curacao. I personally can’t wait to give this a try! Enjoy.

Vacation in Curacao?
Where is Curacao you might say?
What is this new “hunt” thing?

Well let’s start by saying that Curacao is one of the most exotic and beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Curacao is located slightly north of Venezuela next to the islands of Aruba and Bonaire. The 3 are nicknamed the ABC Islands. Curacao was a former member of the Dutch Antilles in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The local language is called “Papiamento


It is home of the most warm loving people you might know, rich in history and heritage. The capital, Willemstad, is rich in architecture and unique colors. That has earned it its place on the UNESCO World Heritage list, quite an accomplishment for an island of less than 150.000 people.

The island has one of the tallest mountains in the Caribbean; the “Christoffel berg” which is 375 meters tall. Throughout the island there are different hiking trails. Hiking enthusiasts can either take a walk uphill or take an easier route to discover the wild side of the island.

On Curacao you will find the most gorgeous beaches and underwater life for diving, or if you just want to have a great active and fun vacation you will find a lot of that too. Great luxurious hotels, spa’s, and tours with top of the class service. Once you arrive at the airport you will notice the different types of cultures that stand out. Mostly from different parts of the Caribbean, but a lot are from Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia as well. They are all attracted by the opportunity that Curacao has to offer in terms of Commercial and Tourism. These cultures combined with the “yu di Kòrsou” (locals) form the Curacao Island.


So what is this hunt?

Recently we started with a new tour: The Hunt Curacao. It will give its visitors excitement, knowledge and the true beauty of the island. The Hunt Curacao will provide a scavenger hunt that takes place in the heart of Willemstad. Here all participants will be put to test their skills to locate, discover and be quick thinkers to eventually conquer Willemstad. At the end they will all feel like a local. This tour will start on March 30th 2013. We will be giving prior to the launch 10 free tickets away to participate in this amazing tour. Visit our website for more info.

All registered participants will meet us at a central location in Willemstad for a quick briefing and then be off for the tour. The tour itself will take 2 hours to complete. The questions and tasks are about the culture, history and architecture of Curacao. They will be answered while having the time of your life. At the end of the tour the participants with the most points will be awarded. Definitely a life changing experience!

So don’t wait. Book a flight to Curacao to experience this in person. When you arrive, be sure to enjoy the culture, swim at our beautiful beaches, climb our highest mountain, follow the most intriguing hiking trails and conquer Curacao with The Hunt Curacao.




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