The First Cast Cocktail

A Papa’s Pilar Rum Original

Papa's Pilar, The First Cast Cocktail

Papa’s Pilar, “The First Cast”

How are good cocktails created? Sure there are many out there that came to be by a mixologist painstakingly toiling over the bar with an idea in mind; and after many failed recipes and perhaps a hangover or two from trying these stepping stones to cocktail nirvana they finally arrive at their masterpiece. But to me a great cocktail has a story to tell, it was conceived over good conversation by friends looking to come up with something new.

Now I can’t claim I was part of it’s creation, in fact I only walked in as Carl and Charles (Big Kahuna) were conceiving of the name. With Ernest Hemingway as the name sake of Papa’s Pilar Rum it had to be something that resonated with his legacy, a name that “would make Papa proud”. No sooner did fishing come up as something to base the name on did Charles suggest the name. So there in the early Key West morning it was borne.

And with that I give you the Papa’s Pilar original cocktail, “The First Cast”. This is a twist on the mimosa and just as Papa would have liked it’s a tad stronger too.  But when you are heading out to a long day of fighting monster fish somewhere between Key West and Cuba you need a good drink to lift the fog from the night before and get you ready for the day!

In a large wine glass:

  • 3 parts dry champagne (or sparkling wine)
  • 1 part Papa’s Pilar Blonde
  • Top with orange juice
  • Splash of Pineapple juice
  • Float of Lola Belle™ Cherry Rum
  • Garnish with a orange slice and a cherry.


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