Team Cocktail, Salty Souls From the Midwest!

Keeping it tropical in the corn fields

A few weeks ago I posted a guest blog from Charles at Big Kahuna Brewers on how he keeps it tropical in Colorado. You can check out Charle’s post here, and also be sure to check out his blog Ramblings of a Beer Guy

Well keeping with that theme this week I have Lyndsey from Team Cocktail sharing how her and the rest of the TC crew keeps their salty souls in the midwest. So here’s how they do it!!

Recently, Shawn from Coastlines & Tanlines, a little latitudes native, asked us a question that we get asked often. How do you live an island lifestyle and keep salt in your veins but live so far from the ocean? And even more than that, how do you own a beach inspired clothing company that is based out of the midwest? After all, South Dakota (although it is the tropical Dakota) & Kansas couldn’t be more landlocked or further from the beach.

Well we have a very easy answer. We live by 5 simple rules. These rules help keep us sane during the cold winter months, and smelling like coconut rum all year long.

    1. Stocked bar. Have a well stocked bar that includes all the ingredients needed to make your favorite island drink. Painkillers, daiquiri’s, margarita’s, bushwhackers, pina colada’s, rum & coke…the list goes on. Just whatever you do, make sure you always have your bar stocked because you never know when that island drink itch is going to strike you!

    2. Island Music. To help get in a tropical state of mind it’s important to have a good playlist ready to go at all times. Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown Band, Pirate Sessions, whatever gets you in the island mood. Crank up the tunes, pour yourself a cocktail and imagine feeling the sand between your toes.

    3. Appropriate apparel. T-shirt (Team Cocktail of course), Flip Flops, Boardshorts, hats and whatever else gets you in the island mood. Wear these daily if you can even if it’s just for a couple hours when you’re at home relaxing. If you’re like us, you’ll wear these everyday, all day! So now you’ve got your cocktail, Island music and beach clothes on…it’s like your almost on the island!

    4. Fun friends with an island state of mind. Whether you met them on Facebook through island inspired fan pages (such as Team Cocktail & Coastlines & Tanlines) or they are your next door neighbor, it’s important to have friends who share the island state of mind. Find those friends that love to share a good bottle of rum, great stories of the last island vacation you all were on, and who are ready to party it up with you at a moments notice.

AND finally…the most important rule of all…

    5. Have your next tropical vacation booked before you get back from the one you’re on! There is nothing worse than the last day of great beach vacation. BUT if you already have your next vacation on the books, you have something to look forward to! This is how the annual Team Cocktail Cruise got started and continues to grow every year! If you don’t have your next tropical vacation booked, get on it! There are so many great options such as the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl in September or the Team Cocktail Cruise in January!

We follow these simple rules and live the island lifestyle every day. We may be in the midwest physically, but mentally we are always bellied up to our favorite beach bar, in our favorite TC t-shirt, with all of our Team Cocktail friends around us, listening to the local island musician and drinking the local brew or cocktail. As we say…Travel Global, Drink Local!!

If you want to hang out with Team Cocktail, check out the Team Cocktail Cruise!

Also, don’t forget about the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl where you can party with us here at Coastlines, Team Cocktail, Rumshop Ryan, Rum Connection, Big Kahuna Brewer, and many more salty souls. More info at our Facebook Page!

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4 Responses to “Team Cocktail, Salty Souls From the Midwest!”

  1. Big Kahuna July 25, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Short pants, sandals and my Team Cocktail hat to work today.
    Nice job Lyndsey. And great tips!

    Yeah Mon!

  2. RumShopRyan July 25, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    Kansas is chalked full of island souls. It’s weird but very true. You know the midwest use to be covered by the ocean in prehistoric times right..maybe there’s something in the water!


  3. JVbytheSea July 26, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    Nicely written Lyndsey! I couldn’t have said it better myself. We love our Island Loving neighbors!

    Livin the Life!


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