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Starting Your Day On A Positive Note

Morning time, especially on a weekday for many is a time of walking around in a zombie like state, dazed as they try and shake off the slumber from the night. For some they are unpleasant, grumpy, and irritable. But is this any way to start the day? For me I see the morning as a foreshadow to the rest of the day. If one starts the day off in a bad mood that mood is likely to persist. Here is how I begin my mornings as I prepare for the day.

For me, I want to start off on positive note from the very start so my alarm isn’t something that startles me awake with some irritable piercing noise. I prefer to wake to music, or lately the sound of a simple guitar riff that increases in volume every few seconds until I shut it off.

Once awake I find a few really deep breaths does wonders for feeling energized and clear headed; rather than the fog many of us wake to. I don’t immediately start running my day through my head and worrying about all I have to do, but more ponder what I want to eat. After I get out of bed one of the first things I do is put on some good music. Something upbeat, fun, and positive; Bob Marley is a favorite for this. To me there is no better way to get the day rolling as with good tunes.

I make sure to get up early enough to cook a decent breakfast and have time to sit and enjoy it. I hate being rushed for anything and that is an awful way to begin a day as feeling rushed means feeling stressed, and how can you maintain a positive mood when you are stressed? So yes most mornings you’ll find me in a good mood, in the kitchen singing and sipping coffee as I cook something to eat. If it’s a weekend and my day allows it perhaps a Bloody Mary or a mimosa will be in order.  It’s all about enjoying every moment you can of your life! 

So if you are one of the morning zombies or someone people avoid eye contact with in the mornings for their own safety try out my method! Maybe it means getting up a little early, and maybe it’ll take some getting used to, but once you get it you’ll see how much better the day can be.  Most people don’t like work, but if we have to be there we might as well be happy; and this is a great step to that end. 

So remember the keys are:

  1. A relaxing alarm, but one that does it’s job (waking up late would be counter productive). 
  2. A good deep breath (read more on how this benefits you HERE)
  3. Don’t start by worrying about the day (it’ll come soon enough).
  4. Good positive music (this is vital!)
  5. A good satisfying breakfast and time to sit and enjoy it!
  6. And above all positive thoughts and a good outlook towards the day. 


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