“Sailing The Dream” A Book Review

My review of the real life story by John F. McGrady


The Publishers Notes:

John and Davey chose to sell change their lives forever. Together they pursued a common belief in free will and high-spirited adventure aboard their 34-foot sailboat, Querencia by sailing away.

The journey, which winds its way from North America to the South Pacific and Hawai´i, was chronicled and published on the Web where it received an overwhelming response. Thanks to the encouragement of thousands of readers, it became one of the first books to go from screen to print, then a second printing, and now has even returned to the screen as an ePub option for the iBookstore™.

Not just a sea story, Sailing the Dream is a metaphysical pilgrimage as well, encouraging the reader to join in and take a second look at the values that steer their own lives. It’s also a tale of passion and adventure. John and Davey, share their secrets for fulfillment; how to sail your dream.

My Take:

This was truly one of the best I have read in a while and will long be on of my favorite books. John’s poetic descriptions of the vast scenery they encountered paints clear picture in the readers minds. At times I found I was unaware I was reading a book, getting lost in the journey, right along beside John and Davey in Querencia navigating the emerald waters of the Pacific or enjoying an island anchorage. As a sailing enthusiast I found the terminology and descriptions of their passages to only help to bring you to that place.

The book takes the reader over the few years that these soul mates spent cruising and truly sailing their dreams. But the book doesn’t paint a rosy picture of a sailing life devoid of hardships or trials. The moments of doubt in their decision to sell all they owned and take to the sea, the times of fighting with an angry ocean, and times when they were at the brink of mental and physical exhaustion where detailed just as well as were the calm sunsets enjoying a cocktail on the beach.

To me, as one who wishes to follow a similar path in the future, I found that this book made me consider this decision, consider the risk, recognize it’s a hard life at times; but in the end all the more reinforce that desire.

Through the ocean crossings, new friends met along the way, and the vast number of beautiful coastlines described in this book, John’s ability to describe them not only helps you feel like you are there, but makes you feel like you are talking to a friend over beers while they describe their adventures. The various quotes in the book, the various insightful remarks, and passion with which it was written; this is a book that will truly make a mark on anyone who is considering this way of life.

In the end I was sad to see the tale come to a close, and as l left them in Hawaii I felt as if I was saying goodbye to old friends. I only hope that they will have more to share in the future so I can once again set sail on Querencia for destinations unknown.



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