Port Louis Marina

One of the nicest in the Caribbean.

During a big party we had on Zero to Cruising, while anchored off Hog Island, I had the chance to meet Danny. He is the Assistant Manager at Port Louis Marina. As we spent the day together he kept telling me lots of interesting details of the Marina. My hosts Mike and Rebecca had just spent a few weeks tied up there for some maintenance and thought highly of the marina as well. When Danny invited me over for a tour and tell me more I readily accepted. What I learned and liked the best is that this marina welcomes and caters to cruisers and mega-yachts alike. If you are a sailor and are in the West Indies, you should give Port Louis due consideration.

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  1. RumShopRyan November 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Port Louis is where the Diamant calls home. I was able to have a couple drinks at the marina bar when I met up with Mike and Rebecca. Then we were off to Prickly Bay where we met up with Danny from your video. I talked with a couple people about Port Louis and all of them say that marina is top notch.


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