Party Alert!!!

Coastlines & Tan Lines, Rum Shop Ryan, and Jimmy Buffett!


We will be converging onto Sunrise Florida on February 2nd for a Parrothead Tailgate!!

Are you up for a party for the hardy? Do you want to join us for a family reunion, costume Bar-B-Q? All the black sheep, family outcasts, and a freak or two are sure to be in attendance!


There really is nothing like the Parrothead Tailgates. But can you imagine partying not just with all the other parrothead’s but with Rum Shop Ryan and Coastlines together?! On February 2nd Jimmy Buffett will be playing in Sunrise Florida and Ryan and I will be there! Blenders will be churning, food will be grilling, and great times will be had by all in attendance!

LB Parrot

So if you are already planning on going come and find us! We will be under the Key West and pirate flags (I know, narrows it down right!). But if you do find us, and you mention this post, we will have something for you! And if you are wearing any of our Coastlines Salty Swag or Ryan’s Castaway Gear; we just may have a surprise for you as well! But we won’t be in one place long, so some and find us!!

Party with a purpose!!

The Barefoot Children Parrothead Club will be having a huge tailgate from 2-8pm to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project

The party will be in section D1 just to the south east of the main entrance. They are providing burgers, brats and beer for your donations to this great charity!


Also, JD Spradlin from Radio Margaritaville will be there as the host and there will be several Trop rock artists singing throughout the day.

There will be a dance floor near the stage and lots of fun games, great food, and great people all coming together to help our wounded vets; so come and find us and

Party with a purpose!

200px-Wounded_Warrior_Project_logo.svg copy

Check out all of our Salty Swag:!

553338_411400382274120_439595997_n Coastlines-Shirts-217

You can also follow our salty adventures here!!


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