Parrot Head Paradise – Bikini Tail Gate

What do you get when mix parrot heads, bikinis and Rum Shop Ryan? Pandemonium!

When the first dates of Jimmy Buffett’s, Welcome to Fin Land tour were announced I knew I’d make the trip to Tampa to be there. For me going to see Jimmy is like going to confessional. It’s my religious experience. What I didn’t expect was to be at the West Palm Beach concert one week later.

My new friend Rum Shop Ryan and I had a great time tail gating at Kenny Chesney and he couldn’t make the Tampa Jimmy date. He was planning on West Palm. Well hell, why not? I had so much fun in Tampa, I called him on Monday after the concert and plans were made.

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One little issue was getting in the way. Work. That dreaded W word. Sure, my work is a little more fun than most. See, I had to shoot a new bikini model on South Beach on the same day as the concert. That was going to get in the way of my tail gate fun. What to do? After about 10 seconds I came up with a brilliant solution. Shoot the model at the tail gate. Who does that. Have you ever seen another bikini company do that? Of course not, and we’re not your every day bikini company. I knew Ryan would agree to hold the lights so now I had to find a model brave enough to have all those Buffett fans crowding around as we worked.

I drove across Florida early Saturday morning and caught up with Rum Shop Ryan and his crew in Clewiston. A small, kinda cool, town on the south shore of Lake Okeechobee. We followed each other the rest of the way to West Palm. I just want to note that Ryan’s friend Logan was driving and his nav system is all F’d up. Not sure what his system was thinking as it took us for a tour of the worst parts of town to get to the hotel.  Thanks Logan!

We love Parrot Heads!

We love Parrot Heads! ©2011 Carlton Grooms

We set up by 1 pm and got my Taj Mahal of a tent up and ready. We started in on some green Jungle Juice that was more potent than Long Island Ice Tea when the wind kicked up and took my tent for a 15 yard flight. Ruined. Nobody hurt, three bens worth of tent shit canned. Great. No stress! It’s a Jimmy concert. Focus on fun.

My model Kelly showed right on time and the fun commenced. This is the part I turn the story over to the accompanying video. I hope you enjoy the fun.


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5 Responses to “Parrot Head Paradise – Bikini Tail Gate”

  1. RumShopRyan May 10, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    Great video Carl! Great times where had by all. Thanks for letting me play light holder dude for awhile on your shoot. And thanks for pouring beer down my face, I suppose it’s my fault though, I just need to drink faster!


  2. Josh@BuffettWorld May 14, 2011 at 2:55 pm #

    Looks like Ryan didn’t mind holding the lights :-)

    • Carl Grooms May 14, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

      I need to start charging guys to help me. What a business model right?


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