Osama bin Laden Rum Shot

This is a rough shot but you’ll feel better than bin Laden when it’s over.

As the American nation and the World rejoiced over the untimely passing (as in not soon enough) of Osama bin Laden this week I was puzzled on how best to make note of this news. I wanted to say something witty that would note the event but still fit within the context of what I write here.

I served in Somalia, on the USS America, flying the A-6E Intruder overhead Mogadishu in support of our troops on the ground there just after Blackhawk down in October 1993.  We worked closely with SEAL Team 6 on the ground, one of the officers was my neighbor back home.  Respect seems an inadequate word to describe what I feel for those guys.  That coming from a guy who landed on ships at night.

Osama bin Laden Rum Shot

Osama bin Laden Rum Shot ©2011 Carlton Grooms



It was another Navy SEAL officer friend of mine who texted me this week that solved my conundrum of what to write.  He offered the follow shot to me so all the credit goes to JT.  I’ve only sexed up the presentation and of course I had to test the product prior to recommending it.

The recipe:

2 Shots of Navy Rum

1 Shot of Water

The execution is simply two shots to the head and one shot of water to the face.  It’s more fun if you do it with a friend so you can water board each other.

Buzz and I after the shot

Buzz and I after the shot ©2011 Carlton Grooms

We do this in good fun without loosing our realization and deep feeling of lose for all the victims of OBL on September 11 and the numerous attacks he was responsible for.

God Bless the U.S. Navy SEALS, our Men & Women in the U.S. Armed Forces, and the United States of America.


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