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A guide to sustainable living in the U.S. Virgin Islands

A note: I thought this was an appropriate guest blog! Sustainable living is important to us so I love what Kitty is doing here and was happy to share her webpage with you all.

Hi! My name is Kitty and I am the founder of My Island, My Home , a website and blog focusing on the sustainable options for people living or visiting St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. When I sat down to write the first blog entry for My Island, My Home I had one phrase stuck in my head. Sustainable living on a rock, c’est possible, non? Maybe I just like the sound of my imaginary voice spouting off French phrases (that sounds better than voices in my head, non?), but beneath that I really believe this is something we can strive for.

In the great expanse of history humans haven’t been here that long, and we’ve just recently been spoiled by the conveniences of food that is better traveled than I am. Surely it’s not too late to regain some of our self-sufficiency, to be able to live healthy, happy, sustainable lives. So I have taken on a mission with this website, I want to help my fellow islanders, or anyone else who wants to take this message to heart, find sustainable options. With the proper resources, current information, and a support network of people who love their home we can set a precedent for others to be inspired by and hopefully convince the community that we are serious in our goal to eat local food, sustainably caught fish, and locally sourced meat.

But that’s just the first step, and it won’t get any easier. One of my goals is to create a restaurant guide that looks at the whole business, not just the fish, so locals and visitors can make educated decisions on date night! But it doesn’t end with restaurants. We need to look at caterers, charter boats, grocery stores, and even fruit stands. I remember being appalled after talking to a fruit stand owner who admitted to buying almost half of her produce at the grocery store!

So after reading my haphazard ramblings you might ask yourself why I care so much about protecting St. Thomas. Well, I love it here! As the name hints at this is my island, my home, and I will do whatever I can to improve the life of my home and my fellow islanders. I know your other question too. And the answer is YES! You can help! Like the Facebook page, sign up for the MIMH newsletter, spread the word! And if you consider yourself an expert on something sustainable, send me an email and we can put an article on the blog!



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