Monday Morning Music

Kicking the week off with from the old blue chair!

So typically I just pick whatever song pops in my head in the morning or what I hear on the radio that I think fits for a Monday morning tune. But this weeks choice of Kenny Chesney’s “Old Blue Chair” is to let you all know that all next week will be Blue Chair Bay Rum week here at Coastlines & Tan Lines!

We have partnered up with the people at Blue Chair Bay and are going to have a week of great stuff for you! We have lined up an awesome video for, plus a contest and some great swag giveaways! So you’ll want to be sure to stay tuned for more next week! It all kicks off on Monday May 27th! You don’t want to miss out!




Check out all of our Salty Swag:!

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You can also follow our salty adventures here!!



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