Meet Shawn – Our Newest Crew Member!

Meet the new CL&TL crew!

Well you all know Carl and many of you know he has decided to bring me on board for Coastlines & Tan lines and Conch Republic Bikinis as a contributor and co-owner; and if you didn’t now you do! In the future I am going to be taking on a large role in the blog writing so I figured I would make my first entry a quick introduction as many of you do not know me.

So who am I? Well I am a surfer, beach comber, scuba diver, free diver, spear-fisherman, sailor, rum enthusiast, conservationist, lover of life, graduate student, philanthropist….all you expect from a person Carl would choose to join him!

But what’s my story? Well, I too am living in the little latitudes. I am initially from the Tampa Bay area (New Port Richey for those familiar with my state) but now reside further south in Ft. Lauderdale Beach Florida. Living here has its obvious perks; sun, sand, warm weather, etc. The downside is living so close to the Keys; I can be in Key Largo in a little more than an hour! I know what you are saying; how is this a possible downside? Well you try to get things done when it’s just a beautiful 3 ½ drive down A1A to find yourself in Key West! As Marlon Brando once said; “the horror”! It is a rough life to be certain.

But more about me!…Well I am a Floridian through and through; though since my mother was Air Force I was born in Kokomo, Indiana and then lived in Biloxi, Mississippi in my initial years. I have lived here since I was about 3 years old though so it counts as making me a native!

Still more you say! OK! Well I spent four years in the Army 82nd Airborne as an infantry soldier jumping out of really big planes at really low altitudes loaded with lots of heavy gear; thus my medical discharge. But that story I only tell over cocktails; so for another time. I am very proud of my time and to this day am active in military affairs including serving as the VP of a group committed to helping returning vets transition into civilian life again after being deployed.

After the Army I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2007 with a BA in Psychology where I was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and spent some of the best years of my life! Damn Glad for that experience! Now I am at Nova Southeastern University at the Oceanographic Center working on my Masters degree in Coastal Zone Management and will probably follow up with a Masters in Marine Biology. I plan on writing some informative post about the more interesting topics I come across in my studies.

But it won’t all be a marine bio class from me because as you can imagine I too have that “Caribbean Soul I can barely control” so lots of other salty tales to come your way. I will be in Belize in March doing research and have lots of trips south planned so stay tuned for tales from my coastline!

But Carl and I have lots of stuff in the works and some big ideas to come so be ready and get excited; I know we are! But that is all I have for now my Salty Souls. Till next time.
“Love and Luck”




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