Buffett Tailgate & Concert!

We party with Rum Shop Ryan. Parrothead Style!


Friday Night Pre-Party

Jimmy Buffett concert tailgate with Rum Shop Ryan and the Barefoot Children Parrothead Club! Now, as any of you real Parrotheads know you cannot properly have a Buffett Tailgate with first having a pre-party! This is the real key to get you in that Margaritaville state of mind!


Ryan had started early on Friday with some Rum Punch and Bikini watching on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Afterwards we met up at my place for a few Corona before we made our way to Lulu’s Bait Shack at Beach Place. Following many Loaded Corona’s I decided that Ryan had to experience the Mai Kai and their amazing Molokai Tiki Bar!


This was to be for one cocktail before heading downtown, but after a few Barrel O’ Rums’s and some shots from a boisterous Ukrainian, we found that the bar was closing and the night had quickly gotten away from us. The rest of the night gets a little blurry from here, as we headed downtown but if you run into me just ask me to see the pics on my phone! Many are good for a laugh and beg questions I could never begin to answer.

Saturday morning I woke on my couch somewhere around 9am unsure how and when we my DD managed to get us home. My head was pounding and I was glad though that we had a few more hours to sleep. But around 11 we rose, ate, had coffee, and tried to re-energize ourselves as best we could. By noon the truck was packed, the pirate flag was raised, and we were off!



The Tiki Bar is Open!

At 2pm the gates to the parking lot opened and we arrived. The Barefoot Children
Parrothead Club was already set up and JD Spradlin from Radio Margaritaville was playing some old favorites. We quickly found our place in the shade, popped up our EZ Up tent, hoisted the colors and the Key West flag and got the party rolling!

Soon the parking lot was filled a sea of tiki bars and beach music. Still nursing a hangover from the previous night we had a few libations, made a quick video for our fans, then headed out to join in with the Barefoot Children. As with most Parrotheads they greeted us with open arms, strong drinks, and warm cheeseburgers! We made our donation to the The Wounded Warrior Project and enjoyed our new friends. We stopped in to say hello to JD and then ventured out to the party. We found many others who were all too happy to share with us their concoctions and soon found ourselves headed into the haze of the rum. But we made our way through the parrotheads once again for a final “roadie” and as we walked we got the crowd going with Buster Poindexter’s Hot Hot Hot.


The show as always was amazing and we all sang along with each tune as we laughed and drank with our fellow parrotheads. Ryan and I managed to find some better seats in the box section after many rejections by the arena staff. Afterwards we hung out with a few people we met no the way out, still singing and laughing with our new friends. They were nice enough to drive us home and stop for some much needed grub. All in all it was a great two days and a hell of show!

Now it’s time to gear up for the Kenny Chesney Tailgate!

See you all in Tampa!


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