My Favorite Topless Beaches in the Caribbean

What is the attraction of topless sunbathing?  There is certainly some level of just feeling a little naughty.

The quick answer is St. Martin/St. Marteen but not so fast.  I have a few questions and thoughts about this topic before we get to a list.  Are you looking to simply go topless or completely nude?  Are you a naturist, someone who wants to feel the racy adrenaline of being naked in public for the first time or are you looking for a real sex driven experience?  As you can see there is much more to this whole enjoying the sun au natural than first meets the eye. A list can change based on why you are seeking such a beach out.

Belly in the sand

Belly in the sand

The beautiful women of Polynesia have been enjoying the island sun topless for thousands of years.  Just like the bikini itself, it took the more relaxed French to popularize it in the modern Western world.  I grew up in the Greek islands where topless sunbathing was so common it went largely unnoticed.  If you are European you laugh at the uptight morality of us Americans, who inherited these attitudes from our founding fathers.

Conch Republic Biknis Amber

Conch Republic Biknis Amber ©2011 Conch Republic Bikinis

What else can you expect from a nation that will send it’s young Johnny into war but not allow him to drink a beer?  We certainly won’t allow young Suzy to pop those puppies out at the local lake for some sun.  If Johnny sneaks some beer at the lake it’s called growing up, if Suzy let’s the nipples loose (maybe from too much beer with Johnny at the lake) she’s called a slut.  Seriously people?  Get over yourself.  That’s just stupid.

Nudity is just nudity.  We come in all shapes and sizes.  Topless sunbathing and the act of feeling free for freedoms sake is what this list is about.  We’re not putting a list together here so you can target a holiday of swinging or trying to hide your boner at the beach on St. Somewhere.  I don’t have a problem if you are into that sort of thing, but not here not today. We’re just talking public beaches and some harmless sun for parts that normally are hidden inside the tan lines my friends.

Side boobage at sunset

Side boobage at sunset.

What is the attraction of topless sunbathing?  There is certainly some level of just feeling a little naughty.  How couldn’t that feeling come up initially when you are going against, in some small way, the moral code of your people? After the initial unveiling this feeling goes away.  The hardest part is the step of actually removing the bikini. Once complete, it is if you stepped across to the other side. Commonly it becomes laughable to look back pre-unveiling and think about all those reasons why this felt so difficult and naughty in the first place.

What will people think around you?  They won’t notice.  You stick out more if you don’t go topless or in some places like St. Maarten, nude.  The person you want to notice is by your side and appreciative of the effort.  Otherwise, why would you be on some beautiful Caribbean beach with them? If you get a few positive glances from strangers nearby good for you!  But what about meeting someone on the beach or being approached by a stranger who wants to say hello? Oh my, what to do then?  You aren’t a swinger and you certainly don’t want someone to have a closer look do you?  Relax.  Get over yourself; interaction on a topless beach is no different than any other.  Just because your non-tan parts are sponging in the sun and your nipples are catching the sand in the air doesn’t mean that the whole world has somehow changed.  Say hello if you would have when your top was on.  Roll with it.  A creep is a creep top or no top, trust your judgment.

Tan lines

Nude beach.

Do I go topless with another couple?  Do I really want my friend’s significant other to see the girls?  I’ll never be able to look at them at home again and feel comfortable. If you are good enough friends with someone to spend a few thousand dollars to fly to some exotic Caribbean destination and include them in whatever minimal vacation time you have from the real world, you probably should be comfortable enough to show them your tits.  Really, it gets back to the whole Johnny and Suzy programming we all had as kids.  They are just parts people.

Personally I don’t get too caught up the whole topless or nude thing.  Go figure, since I started my own line of micro bikinis under the Conch Republic Bikinis brand.  Many of our bikinis are sheer when wet and some are big enough to just cover the important parts.  Based on how many of these I’ve sold I’m happy to report that there are fair amounts of you out there who feel the same way I do.  If you don’t want to go topless or nude and still want to feel sexy in the sun, you should consider buying a few of my bikinis for the next vacation.  Be carful though, that same bikini might find itself in the sand alone after not too long.

Conch Republic Bikinis Amber

Conch Republic Bikinis Amber ©2011 Conch Republic Bikinis

The list?  I almost forgot.  Have I been to a topless or nude beach myself?  You betcha. Here are my choices, and I must say I have not personally visited all of them but will one day.  I would love to hear your opinions as you visit.  Drop me a line and I’ll gather up all your thoughts and maybe write another article one day.

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  1. The beach or pool at your island hotel – Many times nudity isn’t specifically encouraged but easily accepted.  Ask around, the concierge can be helpful.  If you are staying for a while observe.  Just be mindful of children.
  2. Grande Saline and Gouverneur Beach, St. Barths – The French West Indies are your overall destination if you are travelling to seek topless beaches out.  I love St. Barths and if you happen to let your eyes wonder the topless and nude beaches, you will see more pretty people here than most other islands.
  3. Orient Beach, St. Martin/St. Marteen – You have to love that the French and Dutch cultures embrace the laid back Polynesian approach to enjoying the sun.  You are good topless at virtually all the beaches and pools on this island.  If you want to go full nude head over to Orient Beach, where entire families will be in the buff.
  4. Hawksbill Bay, Antigua – This is a great starter beach to go topless or even nude because it’s broken up in sections.  You can start clothed, gather some courage, and slide over to the topless section. The next thing you know you’re frolicking in the surf naked.  Good for you, now don’t those parts feel nice and cool in the salt water?
  5. Point Tarare, Guadeloupe – Guadeloupe is easy going about topless all over the island, which is why I’ve chosen it.  If you want to go nude then Point Tarare is your place.  Personally, I share this beach with you but it’s not my tops because it’s out of the way making it harder to get to.  Also there is no shade or services out here so it just feels difficult.  You need to be motivated to get here.  The positive side is you won’t be close to town or other non-nude sunbathers, which may make you feel more comfortable.
  6. Anse Traubaud, Martinique – What an amazing island and destination.  Topless is the rule on Anse Traubaud  but nude in general won’t fly on most beaches in Martinique.  Enjoy the beautiful blue water as your tan lines disappear.
  7. Salomon Beach, St. John’s USVI – You will see a “No Nudity” sing posted here but go ahead enjoy going topless, many visitors will also go nude here.  Your call but this is the spot in St. Johns.
  8. Seven Mile Beach, Negril Jamaica – Topless is the rule of the day along this beach and sometimes even nude.  This is a party destination beach with lots of clubs and hotels right up on the sand.  Warning here, if you go topless expect to be stared at or even photographed.  There are some more undeveloped locations to the south end with Hedo II anchoring the far south with their all-nude beach.  You’ll need to have a day pass or be a guest to join in.
Red bikini in the sand

Red bikini in the sand

Such is my list of favorites.  What are yours?  I am aware of a number of other places but have left them off because I haven’t been or don’t know enough about them to recommend them here.  Drop me a line at and share your thoughts, experiences and tips with me.

Enjoy the sun.  Next time you are topless I might be on the spot of sand next to you!  Don’t forget to apply lots of sun screen!

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Crossed Legs

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