DO NOT Lose Your Camera on Vacation

Oh the fun we had with the lost camera.

You are sitting at the Soggy Dollar Bar in Jost van Dyke with a camera in your hand.  It’s not yours. Someone lost it. Someone you met earlier but is now gone.  Gone as in they might contact you to see if you found it, gone as in without your help they’ll be buying a new one and loosing their vacation pictures.   What’s the issue you might ask?  The camera fell into my hands and my brain is wired to have fun. Watch out.

This scenario actually happened to me last week.  As I contemplated what I should do, my little devil popped up on my shoulder and told me to have lots of fun with the camera before sending it back.  Thoughts of unidentifiable body parts and people without faces doing crude things crossed your mind.  If I had some level of deniability, it could be fun right? My little angel appeared on my other shoulder, after too many Painkillers it’s easy to fall into a daydream like this.  The angel said to take good care of it, not to look at the pictures they took in case there was something personal and racy already on camera and send it to them when I got home.  What did I do?

First, I checked all the pictures already taken on it.  I promise I wasn’t trying to see if there was some personal porn or such on it.  I had to ensure that the camera indeed belonged to the folks that I thought it did.  Truly, that was the only reason.  Second, I launched a plan with my friends who were with me.  We agreed that I couldn’t take any additional images.  I would have to ask some other drunk island partier to do this for me.  Just then a fun drunk dude getting ready to go to Law School bellies up to the bar for more Painkillers.  I put my hand on his shoulder and introduced myself. The plan was launched.

That night he and his seven friends, who were camping at Ivan’s Stress Free bar, hit all the bars in Jost van Dyke.  I found them at Foxy’s later in the night and they were just getting up on step.  They had a large night.  Two of seven passed out on the beach.  One in a dinghy on the dock.  The cops woke them up at 6am, just after a rain shower passed through and helped them get back to Ivan’s.  We found our friend at 10 that morning back at The Soggy Dollar ordering Painkillers.  A true hard core fun guy.  He passed the camera back to me and we parted friends.  (If you are reading this UNAMED DUDE thank you!).

I couldn’t wait to read the chip to see what they got.  It felt kind of like, The Hangover.  Waiting for the credits to roll at the end so you can see what really happened. What we got I share with you below.  I got a good laugh out of them. What is the moral of the story?  DO NOT lose you camera while on vacation, especially if I am around.

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  1. Rob July 1, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    How about we check out your camera after one of your bikini photo shoots?

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