My Dive With Lemon Sharks

My swim with this beautiful animal



A few weeks ago I had the chance to diving in Jupiter Florida and we actually got some video from the dive. This time of year the lemon sharks return to the area as part of their annual migration.  Though I didn’t make the cut on this video I recall this being an amazing experience. We were in about 90 foot of water and had around a half dozen 8′-10′ sharks swimming around us and at times over us.  Enjoy the video! Below I have noted some facts about this amazing creature.

Learn more about this amazing creature:

The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) is named for it’s yellowish brown color. This species inhabits coastal inshore waters from New Jersey (US) to Southern Brazil, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. They are a larger species, with lengths between 8′-10′ and can get as large as 10.5′-11.25′ The lemon shark reaches sexual maturity around 6-7 years of age (around 8′).

The lemon shark eats mainly teleost (boney fish) and crustaceans as well as birds and smaller sharks.
This species has viviparous reproduction meaning that they give birth to live young.

Threat to humans
The human threat is minimal with only 10 unprovoked attacks by lemon sharks with no fatal attacks.

Human impact on the species
The lemon shark is common in both commercial and recreational fishing in the Atlantic, Caribbean and eastern Pacific Oceans for their meat, fins (exported to Asia for shark fin soup) and skin. There are concerns that populations in the western north Atlantic and eastern Pacific Ocean are declining due to over-fishing.

Lemon Shark Map

Lemon Shark Map




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