Conch Salad Recipe – End of the World Bar

Another Hemingway watering hole that can’t be missed.  What’s there not to love about Bimini.

The Kalik is cold, the Conch Salad is sublime and you don’t have a care in the world. You kicked your flip-flops off an hour ago so you can feel the sand floor between your toes. The bartender is chatting with you but his voice drifts in and out as you think about the history of this place. Yet again, you’ve found a little known bar that Hemingway frequented. You’re at The End of The World Saloon, or just The Sandbar.

The history of this small watering hole goes back a long, long way. My buddy Rum Shop Ryan wrote a great article about the bar back in April soon after it re-opened under new management. You should check his article out. I knew it had re-opened as well so I called over to Bimini and spoke with Sandra one of the new owner/managers.

Fun Sign.

Fun Sign. Image Courtesy of the Sandbar

Sandra was kind enough to fill me in on the history and how she and some partners came into possession of the place after it had been run into the ground and left for dead. After a long talk with her and searching for a good story angle I happened to ask her about the Conch Salad that they used to be so famous for. I had read stories from sailors who would make a pit stop into Bimini just to eat it.

Awesome Salad. Inside the Bar.

Awesome Salad. Inside the Bar. Image Courtesy of the Sandbar

The original Sandbar recipe is no more, but Sandra and her partners are eager to resurrect the reputation of the once famous salad with their own approach. She tells me that there are more different recipes for Conch Salad in the Bahamas than dollar bills on the ceiling at Willie T’s in Key West.

Here is the soon to be famous (again) Conch Salad recipe from The Sandbar:

1 full lip Queen Conch, diced finely
1/2 each diced tomato, sweet green pepper and onion
Garlic Salt, to taste
PLENTY fresh squeezed limes – 2-3 per serving
Mix thoroughly

In Bimini, instead of chopping up “goat peppers” right into the salad, we make a hot sauce as follows:

Chop up fresh goat, habanero or your favorite hot pepper and marinate in lime juice.
No seasonings; just pour on as much heat to your prepared salad as you like it!

I'll take two!

I'll take two! Image Courtesy of Sandbar

Thanks to Sandra and the rest of the crew at The End of the World Bar. I hope to visit soon and try this salad myself.


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2 Responses to “Conch Salad Recipe – End of the World Bar”

  1. Sandra June 28, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    Carl, Thanks so much for the fun article (great photos – ha). Much appreciated and look forward to having you pull up a barstool and kick off the flip flops.

    Sandra and the Sandbar crew

  2. Debbie Horning July 5, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    Nice picture..I was there in 1981 on a Barefoot Windjammer cruise stop..I signed my name or my salon name..Heads Together.. somewhere..We spent the whole day and evening on Bimini..

    Hope to go back someday..Debbie / Island Girl..

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