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Share your stories with the world!

One of the great things about this company is that we get to share all of the amazing travel adventures with our fans. They say that life experiences are better when you have someone to share them with; well we have thousands of people to share them with.

Have you ever had a trip/adventure that you wished you could share with the world? Well, if you have such an adventure now you can right here on Coastlines & Tan Lines! Join our Team and you will be able to submit your stories and pics and we will share them with all the other salty souls!

To join all you have to do is submit a story and pics from that trip and you are in the club! Send us as many stories as you want! Each month we will select our team member of the month and feature their story on our blog!

The story will be posted on the 1st Wednesday of each month and remain online indefinitely and as our feature through the weekend. All posts are also shared at the Conch Republic Bikinis Facebook page and all social media outlets!

Send all posts to and place the title location and date of the blog in the subject line.

Membership perks

Your membership beings once we select your story. For your first shared story you will receive a 15% discount on up to $200 worth of our Salty Swag! Just let us know when you want to buy and we will send you a personalized discount code!

Guidelines for selection:

1.Travel must be island, beach, or tropical related (exceptions may be made for exceptionally great/fun stories)
2.Must be between 500-700 words
3.We will need at least 3 pics but suggest sending more!
4.Only Size requirements are we need at least 2 large images(greater than 1500X500). The images must be your own and any person appearing in them must be agreeable.
5.Make sure you are having lots of fun!

The fine print:

Well there isn’t any, just know that all stories are selected based on content and the amount of rum consumed when making the choice. We will space out the postings from individuals as much as possible depending on responses. We will edit for grammar and punctuation but not change the content. We will select which pics work best for the layout and retain the right to not use any pic, but the pic belongs to you. Pics submitted may be re-used a latter time for reasons other than the blog, but if we remember we will credit you (no promises). Please No mention of illegal activity, No pornographic material (not saying no nudity, but keep it clean-ish) and Original pics only; no internet pics. We retain the right to not use any submissions for any reasons we see fit.

This sounds great! What’s the name of the club?

Terrific question and the name is….we we don’t yet. So here’s the plan. Go to our Facebook page right –>HERE! and look for the posting of this where we will be asking for name submissions. The one who submits the name that we select will be forever known as the original_______________… As the original _____________ you will get to be our first ever member posting, and in addition to your one time 15% discount you will receive a free T shirt and Koozie package! We even pay shipping.

So name the club, join the team, and share your tales with the world!

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You can also follow our salty adventures here!!



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2 Responses to “Coastlines Guest Blogger Team”

  1. BigKahuna March 7, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

    I think we should be called the “Bikini Strings”
    Honors the history, the spirit and the style!
    Living life, loving life, and holding it all together!

    • Shawn Martin
      Shawn Martin March 7, 2013 at 12:51 pm #

      Nice one Charles! Since we only got…well now 2 submissions we’ll certainly look into that one too! You luck out, you get to create a post along WITH us!

      STJ 2013! Going to be great!

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