Carib Beer

A great way to start your day

Oh no, not again. You promised yourself you would give up drinking, just yesterday. Your body can’t handle much more. You are so dehydrated you get the sensation you are licking toilet paper when you move your tongue around in your mouth. You fear opening your eyes because you know the bright Caribbean sun will cause your eyes to explode in their orbital cavities. Your stomach feels as if it is on a roller coaster in perpetual free fall. How did this happen you ponder as you lie in the fetal position naked on top of the bed sheet. And how did I get naked?

Another Round of Carib!

Another Round of Carib! Image Courtesy of veryscarygary via Flickr, with permission.

Let’s rewind eighteen hours and start fresh. Before you did this to yourself two days in a row. Two nights ago you were so happy to be in the islands you forgot yourself and drank too much rum. Sure it happens, no harm, no foul. Your friends finally got you to join them for lunch once you found the internal fortitude to drink two gallons of water and take a shower. You said you wouldn’t, you couldn’t, drink again. You might just be done with the sauce. Instead you were going to get up early every morning and go for a run, perhaps a quick swim in the ocean then have a breakfast of coffee and local fruit before the day got started. Evidently you don’t know yourself very well.

After a good laugh with your friends about what went down last night the food came and so did a round of Carib for everyone. You smiled and demurred when someone mentioned that your beer was getting warm. “No, not today guys,” you heard yourself say. The push back and peer pressure was subtle. Sure that makes sense after what you did to your liver last night was the general consensus. But hey, it’s only Carib, it’s more fizzy water than alcohol. It’s really more like hydrating yourself than seriously drinking. Compared to the rounds of rum over ice you drank last night, the Carib is nothing.

Carib Beer Holder.

Carib Beer Holder. Image courtesy of Symbiosis via Flickr, with permission.

Actually, that makes sense you think. After all, everyone else at the table hit it pretty hard last night and are drinking their Caribs. What the hell, you take a swig. It’s a bit warm now but it goes down just fine. A quick mental check in with the head and stomach comes back with a good to go report. Fine, you make another promise. I will only drink Carib. There’s no way that can get out of control. And so it began.

Carib Brewery began producing their 5.2% lager beer since 1950. Based in Trinidad and Tobago the beer is also brewed in Grenada and St. Kitts. Though it is distinctly clear bottles it is not like Corona and they do not encourage you to put a lime in it. As a side note, the beer produced in Grenada is in brown bottles. This beer is everywhere in the West Indies. Though each island may have their own national brand Carib is still very much present.

Personally there are many other brands of beer throughout the West Indies I prefer more, such as the craft beers from my friends at St. John’s Brewers or even Piton beer from St. Lucia or Banks from Barbados. That aside, Carib still finds it’s way into my hand often when I’m down island.

Carib on the Beach

Carib on the Beach. Image courtesy of Curepian via Flickr, with permission

The trouble with Carib, when drinking in the islands, is it feels light and easy to drink. Compared to rum, it takes many more bottles to feel the effects of alcohol so you keep drinking. The price is also attractive, which only supports the momentum of round after round. The real danger comes when you get impatient and feel you can do shots as well. I’ve been known to go down for the count from Carib spiked with tequila. I’m just saying.

Overall, Carib is a good solid choice. Most regions of the world have a similar light style lager beer that is popular and compared to those made in Africa, or even South East Asia, Carib stands up well. If I don’t intend on trying to keep up with my friends, I’ll often grab a Carib and nurse it. That way they’ll leave me alone. I plan on using that tactic next week when I’m in the Virgin Islands with my fellow RumXP judges. Next time you see me in the islands and I’ve got a Carib in hand you’ll know my secret. If you out me be forewarned, I might just start spiking your Carib with tequila. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.






3 Responses to “Carib Beer”

  1. Conchyjoe November 4, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    Totally agree with you Carl. Here in Atlanta we are limited to Carib and regular Kalik. The biggest challenge is hit or miss on quality. The six pack of Carib I bought last night was skunky, and the last 3-4 six packs I bought were perfect. I can get Kalik Gold in Fl., and generally bring back a case when I am down there. Piton is a favorite when we are in St. Lucia at Anse Chastanet, and I miss the slightly heavier flavor. Turks Head in Turks & Caicos is just an OK local beer, but Caybrew and White Tip is right up there with Caribe and Piton. As a matter of fact The Cayman Islands Brewery walked away with 1st place in the Lager division with their six month old White Tip Lager at the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival in Barbados. Here is a link to the beer results. Looks like a fun trip to write about..

  2. Shawn Martin (smdmartin) November 4, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    Final statement wasn’t much of a threat there buddy. How about you spike it and I wont out you?

  3. Wendy Gunderson November 4, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    Man (or woman) does not live by rum alone. I’m a fan of Carib as well. Have a great trip!

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