Friday Happy Hour: The Red Dawn Cocktail

Sailor’s Be Warned As the old saying goes, red sky in morning, sailors warning. This unsuspecting cocktail is smooth and refreshing; but don’t let that fool you. Too many of these and you may find yourself beached in the nearest hammock waiting for storm to pass. Ingredients: 2oz Blue Chair Bay white rum 1oz cherry liqueur (we used Heering) […]

April Boating Spotlight-One Love Cat.

Sail away to paradise on One Love Catamaran Are you ready to get away to paradise on an all-inclusive vacation? Well there are lots of resorts out there that offer just that escape, but unless you take an excursion (which only last a few hours and adds up quick) chances are you are stuck at […]

My Dive With Lemon Sharks

My swim with this beautiful animal A few weeks ago I had the chance to diving in Jupiter Florida and we actually got some video from the dive. This time of year the lemon sharks return to the area as part of their annual migration.  Though I didn’t make the cut on this video I […]

The Papa’s Pilar Dangerous Summer

By Big Kahuna Brew I knew for the last cocktail in the Papa’s Pilar series I wanted to do a beer and rum cocktail. So I called up our great friend Charles over at Big Kahuna Brew. Charles is a rummy salty soul like the rest of us but is also extremely knowledgable on beer […]

Monday Morning Music

This week we bring you ALO’s “Wasting Time” After my weekend of parties in the everglades and a Sunday spent lazin on the beach to recover; this song seemed fitting this morning. Enjoy this video from A.L.O. “I never learn but I don’ mind, I’m just wastin’ time”   Check out all of our Salty […]

The Papa’s Pilar “Honey Bee” Cocktail

A Sweet Nectar Creation In the heart of Ft. Lauderdale Florida you will find Las Olas Blvd. This eclectic little street, bisected by the river, is lined with some great places to shop, site see, eat and have a cool cocktail on those hot South Florida Days.  This town center piece has it’s mainstays but also it’s share of […]

The Invasive Red Lionfish

Beautiful, Disastrous And Delicious! Lionfish, or in science speak Pterois volitans. We hear more and more about these “nuisance” fish seemingly every day and how they are hurting the reefs. This pesky little teleost has quickly invaded our waters and made a household name for itself. But just how much do you really know about them? Originating […]

The Smokey Passion Cocktail

A Coastlines & Tan Lines Original Delicious, refreshing, and strong! Everything you need for a great cocktail when relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Ingredients: Punch Glass (or any glass with a good belly) Papa’s Pilar Dark and Blonde Rums Ole Smokey’s Moonshine Cherries Passionfruit Juice Ice How to make it: Fill a large punch glass with […]

On Stage With Donavon Frankenreiter

Ukuleles And Magic This past Tuesday was truly a special night for me. I was invited to join the aptly named “Uke Troop”  from Penny Lane Music Emporium on stage to play with Donavon Frankenreiter at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Now the Uke Troop is a group of ukulele enthusiast of various ages […]

Monday Morning Music

Michael Franti, Life Is Better With You I love this song and the message it carries. I actually just came across this version of it and with Michael’s explanation of where it came from; love it even more now. I know that feeling and it is my favorite thing in the world. And if you’ve […]