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Professor Bob at work in the lab.

Professor Bob at work in the lab.

If you have ever sauntered down the south end of Duval Street in Key West it is likely you have wondered into The Rum Bar.  Hopefully you have, and hopefully Bahama Bob was behind the couter.  Standing there in one of his trademark tropical shirts with a huge smile on his face he is easy to identify. Not only is Bob friendly and a great bartender but he is a wealth of knowledge in the way of cocktails and rum.

About two years ago Bob decided he was going to create a book that shares with the world a variety of cocktails; and he has done just that.  The book starts off with 10 classic cocktails.  But you get more than a drink recipe with this bar book of bar books.  With each classic drink you’ll find a short “tale” about these “cocktails” which tell of their origin, as well as some variations to the originals.  Bob even offers up a few of his own variations to these drinks.

The Rum Lab in it's secret location.

The Rum Lab in it’s secret location.

Next you will find the Bahama Bob original Cocktails.  Now these drinks were not just tossed together for the book.  No, over the last two years Bob has held “rum lab” on boat he calls home.  Many “lab mice” visited over the two years and were subjected to many experimental concoctions at the hands of this evil salty genius! I even had the pleasure of being subjected to his experiments at rum lab.

The Rum Lab Test Kit!

The Rum Lab Test Kit!

Over 2 years more than 200 hundred recipes were created, but only 42 made it to the pages of the book; so you know you’re getting the best of the best from a master of the boat drink.  Now from time to time you will see a recipe that calls for “Bahama Bob’s number (1-5) syrup.  Well he hasn’t left you high and dry.  In the back of the book you will find the ingredients as well as instructions for making and keeping these essential and original ingredients.  So with these custom cocktails you can serve up something nobody has had outside of Key West!

Bobs book comes spiral bound, made with heavy stock paper.  The covers are coated so it can be opened on a wet bar without damaging it! A nice touch for a book that will be used, and used often!

So if you are looking for the perfect bar book for those boat drinks we all love so much but also want to surprise your friends at your next party then look no further than Bahama Bob’s Cocktails and Tales!

Get yours today at Also be sure to follow Bob on Facebook and Twitter.  

The Book!

The Book!



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