About Us

Boating: Nothing says life in the little latitudes like a boat! Each Month we feature a new vessel. Whether you are a fishing charter, sailing charter, boat for hire, or just want to show off your new toy; we’ll advertise it for you! Our clients enjoy a full write up and picture gallery and will remain on our front page for the entire month they are featured.

The Ocean: We all love the ocean whether it’s from the beach or out sailing and fishing; the ocean really is central to our beach lifestyle. Through our own contributions, guest post, and links to other material our resident marine biologist Shawn will reveal this often misunderstood and unknown world to you like you’ve seen it before.

The Flip Flop Philosophy: Like we said, Coastlines & Tan Lines is above all a state of mind, and as such has a philosophy behind it. From time time we will muse on topics we find central to the laid back easy going lifestyle or just share the thoughts we had as we were walking the beach. We also welcome others to share their own island philosophy with us.

Travel: Resorts, island destinations and rum! We love to travel and share our experiences with you. We bring you a non-biased inside look into the resorts we visit. So if you’re looking to research a vacation just scroll through our blog. If you are a resort or destination that wants a new type of advertising, one from the guest perspective; then contact us!

THIS is the real “Life in the Little Latitudes”. Coastlines & Tan Lines is more than just another website with sunny images, we are a lifestyle and a state of mind. We strive to be the best source for information on boating, Island destinations, cocktails, food, photography, and the tropical lifestyle.

Our Founding Members

Shawn Martin

ShawnShawn is a Marine Biologist as well as a PADI SCUBA instructor, sailor, fisherman, and what he refers to as a “flip flop philosopher”. As a writer he loves to share his passion for the Caribbean lifestyle with his readers.  As a scientist he fights to protect the Caribbean’s beauty so we can share it with future generations; and with the addition of the Our Oceans blog he’ll share his passion and bring the marine realm into view like never before.  Shawn is also a veteran if the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and is founding member of the Caribbean Writer’s Guild.

Carlton Grooms

CarlCarl is an author, entrepreneur and consultant. A former Naval Aviator, he holds an MBA from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. Carl is also a rum expert. His love of rum comes from his numerous trips to Caribbean distilleries. He most loves the story that resides in each bottle and is most drawn to the people and cultures that produce his favorite spirit. He has travelled from Berlin to Miami to the Caribbean judging rum and sharing stories.