A Day In The Life

Just one of the many reasons I love living in Florida.

There are so many reasons I love this state, but days like this one are top of the list.

The other day I woke up around 8am, pleased to find it was again the weekend. After a conversation with my girlfriend the plans of the day were laid out and we rose to begin our day. After a short time bustling around, making coffee and breakfast I checked the weather to find it was around 10am, already a nice 83 degrees out, and a forecast of clear skies and great weather.

Now where I live I can walk to the beach or ride my bike down banyan, mango, and palm tree lined streets in a few minutes. Sure at this spot on Ft. Lauderdale beach there are plenty of great places to eat and drink, but it tends to get a bit busy; so, we opted for a less populated beach and a change of scenery. You know it’s a good life when your hardest decision is which beach to head to.

But we decided on a nice little beach that I actually hadn’t been to named Red Reef Beach, near Boca Raton. So with our trusty beach bag and cooler packed we headed off to a new coastline, something I am always excited about. A short drive up the coast later we arrived at our paradise for the day.

Once we parked and made our way to the entry of the beach I had to make a mental note to come back and grab a picture of the passageway. Here the boardwalk passes through the sea grapes with coconut palms on either side and opens onto a beautiful stretch of beach. Now, there are some days here that the water is just so clear and blue that if blindfolded and dropped here randomly you wouldn’t know you weren’t in the islands; this was one of those days.

Now the name of this beach is Red Reef, but after some searching I saw no reef strucutre aside from some large rocks with red algae on them; I supposed this counts as the reef. A little disappointed sure, but the beach was still beautiful and the day just as amazing. So I secured my mask and headed out a little deeper to see what I could see. While swimming with some schools of jacks, rainbow runners, and other assorted fish I got one of those feelings that makes you just have to say out loud, “damn I love living here”. Of course the topping on the cake was getting to see the small bottle nose dolphin swimming around making many of the tourist wonder about sharks as it’s dorsal fin broke the surface. But getting to come within 20 feet of this amazing animal was a real treat.

The rest of the day was spent lazing on the beach listening to some choice beach tunes until we felt we were sufficiently cooked. So we made our way across the street to the FAU Gumbo Park center and strolled around looking at the tanks of fish and the sea turtle rescue center. This is especially cool this time of year as it is sea turtle nesting season so there are lots of little ones in the rescue tanks.

But as the park was closing we found ourselves in the middle of another Florida conundrum; which beach bar do we go to for some good food and drinks? But after some short deliberation we decided on a place and headed to the 2 George’s restaurant where we had some great lobster salad sandwiches and fresh coconut shrimp salad; washed down with some delicious rum drinks and a few beers of course.

After this we bounced our way to a few more beach town favorites like Kahuna’s where we enjoyed some “Sunday Funday” drink specials and live music. Later we stumbled across a little Brazilian joint called Barracuda’s. And even though we had no idea what anyone was saying, as I don’t speak Portuguese, the caipirinhas and mojitos were top notch and the mood and music were very festive in the true south American way; if you’ve been to Brazil you know what I mean.

But so the day ended with the sting of summer on our skin, another great beach day stowed in the memory banks, a slight buzz dancing in our heads, and more smiles and laughter as we make our way back home. And as we followed the coastline home I couldn’t help but think of how much I love this place. Some spend so much to come live a day or two like this; but for us we are lucky enough to have this be just another day in the little latitudes; Just another day in the life.

Coming next week
Don’t forget to come by as I explore the caipirinha!

Until then, “Love and Luck”

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  1. RumShopRyan July 11, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    Just another day in the life indeed. Nice story man. Cheers!

  2. Shawn Martin
    Shawn Martin July 11, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Thanks brother! Cheers.

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