7 Uses of Coconuts Outside of Eating Them

I have an old coconut I can’t eat anymore.  How should I use it?

Coconut trees grow almost everywhere in tropical climates.  Countless companies who’s business is the island life use some form of a palm or coconut tree as their logo (your’s truly included).  If you are into rum, sun and fun then the coconut is staple of your life.  Much like milk, eggs and bread are for most ‘normal’ people.

The other day I got to thinking about all the ways I could use a coconut without actually eating it.  I have a coconut on my kitchen table that has gone uneaten for over a year now.  I think it’s eating days are well past. So how can I use it besides a nice defacto center piece for my table?

Coconut Tree in Phuket, Thailand

Coconut Tree in Phuket, Thailand ©2011 Carlton Grooms

Now that I think about it I’ve used coconuts for many more things than I ever eat.  There are coconuts in a basket by my front door.  A welcoming touch don’t you think?  They are from Coach Pat Riley’s yard in Miami.  I have two baby coconuts I found on the beach in Phuket, Thailand.  They sit next to my family pictures.  They are reminders of two great trips there.

So how else could we use these versatile fruit?

  1. Mini beach footballs with baby coconuts.  Fun beach games.
  2. Tropical drink cup.  Rum, juice and a cool cup.  Tastes good already.
  3. Smoked meat with coconut husks.  I first had this at a restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  4. Bikini top.  One size fits all!  Think Buffett concert wear.
  5. Carve a Tiki god statue.  Place by your bathroom tub, light candles, grab rum.
  6. Coconut oil to shave legs and other body parts.  All natural, au naturale.
  7. Personal lubricant (don’t mix oil with condoms=bad outcome).  Mix with coconut rum.
Coconut drink

Coconut drink

How do you use coconuts without eating them?  I’m sure thre are some creative ideas out there.  Drop me a line or comment here.  I’ll pull them together and revisit this topic down the road.

Until then, grab some coconut rum, roll some shrimp in shredded coconut and dream of the islands.


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2 Responses to “7 Uses of Coconuts Outside of Eating Them”

  1. Pati June 9, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    As a member of our local breast cancer fundraising group “Save the Coconuts” your article caught my eye. As for your question, we like to decorate and display ours. We love our Coconuts!! But I like your ideas too.

    • Carl Grooms
      Carl Grooms June 10, 2011 at 9:18 am #

      Thanks Pati! I’m all for decorating and displaying your coconuts!

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